Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Post: Thomas M Cooley Law School's Attempt to Squelch Freedom of Speech

I wrote to Dr. Noam Chomksy about Cooley's suit against the 4 "John Does," and he just responded and told me he'd read up on it. In addition, I have heard back from the ACLU of Michigan. I alerted them about the situation, too. So . . . there are a lot of people and organizations at least aware of what is going on.

It's great that this school has opened a new campus in Tampa!

Hopefully, they won't threaten me with a SLAPP suit for writing a neutral piece about my correspondence with Dr. Chomsky and the ACLU of Michigan.

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...


It is worth noting that T.M. Cooley is a non-profit institution. If you are serious about getting bipartisan support for reform you should remember that a large number of both non-profit and for-profit schools are diligently working to ruin their students for life. In fact, I would bet that far more lives are ruined by non-profits then by the for-profit schools. Why do I point this out? Because it is important to remember that there is no reason to limit or even focus corrective action on for-profit schools. Actions that correct student indebtedness need to fix the problem at both types of institutions.

What kind of action would be helpful? I would suggest that institutions receiving student loans loose their privilege to receive them if their graduates end up with high default rates. An even better approach, though perhaps not practical, would tie the loan approval to the track record of a new program, with unproven programs receiving an initial low rating (thus only qualifying for very limited loans). If a college wants to start a new program they will need to subsidize the tuition until it proves itself valuable.

Yes this will impact the humanities, but ultimately we need people to not go into debt slavery for degrees without any payback.

Cryn Johannsen said...

I never once suggested that Cooley was a for-profit. Actually someone tweeted this piece and called them a for-profit, and I told them to correct it. They did quickly. It's important to be accurate about these things, especially when reporting about them.

As for your other remarks, I do not merely attack for-profits. What gave you that impression? They are an easy target, and that's why they take a beating by media outlets (including this one). But I agree with you. Non-profits are also a huge problem. The whole thing is mess, and it's not just the for-profits. They do, however, prey on the most vulnerable, and that is why I find them pernicious. Their CEOs also take in far more in earnings than non-profit presidents (

And I have made that suggestion - i.e., that if institutions turn out people and a large percentage of those grads end up defaulting, the school should lose funding from the government. I am in complete agreement with that.