Monday, August 8, 2011

*UPDATE* OP-Ed: Freedom of Speech Under Attack - Rockstar05's Attorney Files Motion to Quash Thomas M Cooley Law School's Subpoena

A few months ago I relayed information about Thomas M. Cooley Law School. It was from a little bird named Ch. Burns. The school has now filed two lawsuits, claiming that their reputation has been damaged by Ch. Burns and three other "John Does." The other lawsuit is against a New York City Law Firm. The suits  (see here and here) were filed - Lord only knows why -  in Ingham County (Michigan) Circuit Court on July 14, 2011. Jesse Strauss and David Anziska are the two attorneys at Kurzon Strauss who have been accused of defaming the school.

One of the other John Does, Rockstar05 has responded to the complaint and their demand to have his/her identity revealed. Rockstar05 has encouraged me and others to provide this critical information.

Rocktar05's attorney, John T. Herman, has filed a motion to quash Cooley's subpoena. In the introduction to the case, the document states, "the present case is a textbook example of a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit brought by Plaintiffs [Cooley] against the above captioned Doe Defendants for participating in hosting a internet blog forum in which the blogger, identified as 'Rockstar05' expressed his personal opinion about Thomas M Cooley Law School's ("Cooley Law School") (1) open door admissions policies; (2) high attrition rates and unfriendly administrative policies; (3) law school ranking system; (4) employment rates of recent graduates . . . In the blog, Rockstar05 explicitly states that the commentary contained in the blog [is] an "expression of his own personal opinion."

Here are some more highlights:

"Cooley is now the emperor who appears angry at being told he not wearing any clothing."

"Once the identity of 'Rockstar05' is known or disclosed, it is entirely likely that anyone (which may include current students and/or faculty) associated with 'Rockstar05' blog site will end up as another target for Cooley's wrath [my emphasis]. Such Orwellian tactics are an abuse of the legal system and constitute a reckless disregard for the constitutional protections of the First Amendment."

"Plaintiff clearly uses its self-published rankings as a shameless marketing tool . . . Plaintiff then proceeds to openly boast about integrity and ethics at the core of its institution of higher learning. John Doe 1 has confined his blog post to his personal opinions, and experiences identifying the institutional hypocrisy evidence in Cooley's business practices which involve millions of federally backed loans [my emphasis]."

That last point is quite important, and one of the reasons I have brought this case to the attention of my contacts on the Hill (and they have received this current update already). I intend to bring it up in my meetings in mid-August, too. The case shines light on the way in which powerful and moneyed institutions, like Cooley, are trying to strip citizens of their right to free speech. Are they really deserving of those federally backed loans when they threaten former students with SLAPP suits? That's the question I will be asking when I visit with folks on the Hill in a few weeks.

I've been neutral on my reporting of this situation, but I refuse to remain silent about the matter now. This young person must be protected. Their identity should not be revealed. The matter is huge. This is about freedom of speech, and Cooley has no right to squelch these John Does.

As another blogger wrote when discussing the Cooley fiasco, I too hope they don't sue me for expressing my opinion. After all, they've threatened me already . . .

Here's the entire document.

Cooley's Response

"Jim Thelen, Cooley's general counsel, said when the suit was filed that the posts are damaging because prospective students search the Web for information about law schools."

Source: Court House Forum

I alerted the ACLU in Michigan. They responded to me immediately, and thanked me for the information.

Also, Cooley is opening a campus in Florida!

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For the Cooley troll

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