Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Epic Poetry from Anonymous: A Tribute To The Occupiers

Thom Hartmann received this amazing video and poem from Anonymous. He's right - it's profound poetry, and it speaks for all of us who are the 99%. It speaks to and about and for our pain, our suffering, our hopelessness. I wonder now how many lives have been lost because Wall Street bled this country dry - as an advocate for people who are being crushed by this usurious system, I support and counsel suicidal debtors frequently. Those who are the indentured educated class - and there are millions and millions of us - prove that the system is fraudulent and rigged. It benefits a tiny elite at the expense of millions of Americans. Furthermore, if education is corporatized, as it has happened here, democracy withers away. This is why we must put an END to student loan debt for current borrowers AND those who will come after us. We must protect those who are not yet in debt. We must do this in order to ensure that democracy will once again flourish in this country. (This is not radical. Other countries subsidize higher education, and their young people are not left with mountains of debt). We must do this for our children and our grandchildren - they deserve better than what we've become (indentured educated citizens).

I wonder how we will reclaim a democracy that has been distorted, fractured, and brutally beaten by people who were reckless and destructive. Anonymous speaks for all of us, just as the occupiers are there to scream a collective battle cry for those who feel they have no voice. But they are showing us, because they have chosen to sleep in the streets, blast a message for the 99%, be physically brutalized, that we do have a voice. They are showing us, that we do have a say. They are showing us who we are. We are them. As this poem states, they are our brothers and sisters, and they are showing us the truth about ourselves, and that is this: we want our future back and we want it now. As Chris Hedges has pointed out over and over again, the radical  ones are those who are guarding their money and making money off of severe losses for millions and millions of people. Broken homes. Broken communities. Broken people. This is what they have done to us. But we're not taking it anymore, and we're seizing what rightfully belongs to us: OUR FUTURE.

Listen, watch, share.

God bless Thom Hartmann for sharing this epic poem with everyone.

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