Monday, September 19, 2011

Dustin Slaughter's Picture: "In Debt? You're Not Alone"

Dustin Slaughter (@dustinslaughter) is at Occupy Wall Street. He's been featured on AEM before when he wrote a superb piece about the recent Chilean student uprisings. Dustin is the founder of the David & Goliath Project, which "celebrates protest culture in all of its forms, from video reports and documentaries to writing, art and music."

I am so glad I met Dustin the night before I left for Korea, and that he took it upon himself to interview me on that evening just outside of LAX.

Dustin is taking great pictures of the events in Manhattan. They are entitled, "Scenes from  #ourwallstreet #LibertyPlaza."

Here's are two really powerful ones that the indentured educate class will appreciate:

We have been cheated by this corrupted system. That's why this protest matters to AEM.

Keep up the great work, Dustin!


One Who Survived said...

But I don't see a single non-Left-wing site on his blogroll, the one possible exception being RT "Russia Today", which some self-described American libertarians often cite, but personally I eschew because I know from experience that the Russians (especially including RT) have their own national agendae, and RT is Russian propaganda, and the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

But setting aside RT, all of his blogroll are ostensibly left wing.

So what do you really want? Do you really want to accomplish a particular goal, OR do you care more about being perceived to be goodthinkful, studiously eschewing the entire right wing(s) and studiously identifying with the conventions of academic/intelligentsia goodthinkfulness? (Which is in fact part and parcel of America's Oligarchy.)

SG said...

That running debt board reminds me of an idea I've had for a while now: one day every semester, students campus-wide should wear T-shirts advertising how much debt they have. Just imagine the sight that would be! Faculty and those gainfully employed (as well as students without loans) would be forced to acknowledge just how epidemic it all is.

*As an addition, it would be fascinating if they also included on the t-shirts what prescription meds they were taking, as I just know an astonishing amount of college-aged people are on all kinds of psych meds, as well as other meds.

SG said...

One Who Survived: You are absolutely correct that partisanship is part of the smokescreen. Students need to realize that republicans AND liberals are equally bought out and do the same shady stuff, but in slightly different ways.

The liberal feel-good rhetoric may be initially appealing, but just isn't very realistic IMO. It basically allows liberals to secretly do what they want once they tell people what they want to hear. I honestly don't think taxing the rich, for example, is going to help create jobs as long as Washington is so corrupt and is committing crony capitalism as badly as it is (and BOTH parties do that, by the way). I just know that additional tax revenue will be frittered away on pork barrel spending and won't lead to job creation.

What we need to do is make government -- right AND left -- get the hell out of the way and stop it already with all the regulations that's killing business. And this is not the kind of de-regulation that Wall Street enjoyed. No, this would be REAL de-regulation where if a company pulled shady stuff and couldn't run itself efficiently, it would FAIL and a better-run business would succeed. NO BAIL-OUTS ALLOWED. The Wall-Street deregulation largely occurred thanks to an unholy alliance between Wall Street and Washington where Wall Street lobbied for deregulatory goodies in exchange for campaign contributions. And Obama played this game thoroughly -- just look at his campaign contributors! They include all the major banks.

Anonymous said...

When I read, September 19, 2011 3:35 PM (SG's) post, I thought, that is an idea only a special and unique snowflake could make. If that is the best this generation can come up with, I am investing in SLABS. Power only knows and understands fear. Pretty teeshirts with numbers mean nothing.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous 4:03 Oh, sure. Mock and dismiss. That's common. We'll show you. Go ahead and invest in SLABS. And while you're at it, PISS OFF.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right wing, left wing:

I can argue both, and with zeal, and not believe a word of what I say.

And so can they.