Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Infographic: The Student Loan Debt Racket

Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Now listen:

Are you, or are you not, just about the most beautiful, with great big blue-eyes--Baby,

by now?

Come on kid. Just say yes.

One Who Survived said...


Although prudence advises me to abstain from remarking on Cryn's eyes which, as I've seen only via her blog photos, as far as I know might actually look like these:

...still, in good fun, your above comment "Just say yes" reminds me of this:

JAYsus! I need to stop virtually hanging out with hippies like you two weirdos! ;-)

Cryn Johannsen said...

@One Who Survived - I can assure you my eyes do not stick out like that!

And why are you suggesting I am a hippie? FAR from it.

One Who Survived said...

"And why are you suggesting I am a hippie? FAR from it."

Aww, what a disappointment! Unlike you, I'm just barely old enough to remember hippies. My main memory is from 1971, on my much older sister's 19th birthday. Her hippie boyfriend came to our house to take her out, and as he was dressed in tattered jeans and sandals, my Dad met him at the door and shouted, "How DARE you come for my daughter dressed like a bum!" Then my Dad picked the hippie up by his belt and collar and threw him off the porch... sister cried all night, and then a few years later she married a Harvard lawyer.

I plan to protect my own daughter the same way, cf:

But back to our original topic, here's another song by "Heavy Metal Guy" which I would like to submit as a proposed anthem for the OWS revolution:

;-) :-)

One Who Survived said...

And here's another gift from my generation (Gen X) to yours:

One Who Survived said...

And not to belabour this, but in my above posted clip of Laurie Anderson talking about the National Debt in circa 1986, you can see the "debt clock" said the national debt was around 2 trillion.

Today the official figure is around 14 trillion, seven times more than it was in 1986.

She spoke the truth, and her prophecies are coming true.