Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kaplan Owned Washington Post Says This: "Stay in School!"

Wow. How brazen can they get? How despicable can they be? Do they not know we see what they are up to? The Kaplan Owned WP just published a recent article that advises students to:
[S]tay put. Their best bet, by far, is to go to college and wait out as much of the economic storm as they can. If they can afford it, the smartest move may be to stay in school or in some sort of training program until the economy recovers in 2017.
Of course they want you to stay put! That will help them pay their salaries and allow these bastards keep their cushy jobs at WP and Kaplan. Meanwhile, they will be turning more and more people into indentured educated citizens. It's surprising that the writer didn't push people to stay put at KAPLAN.


Shame on the Washington Post! You are disgusting.

Correction: Kaplan is a subsidiary of the Washington Post, but does that really make this any better? Nope. They are in bed together, and that rag promotes education to line its pockets and help out a predatory "school." That's what matters.

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Anonymous said...

You do know that it's the Post that owns Kaplan and not the other way around, right?

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Now, I'm entirely used to this kind of corruption and, shall we say, "biased" advice having followed the pharmaceutical/medical industry for so long (especially the psychiatric field), but what really bugged my eyes out was this line,

"If they can afford it, the smartest move may be to stay in school or in some sort of training program until the economy recovers in 2017."

Wha? 2017? Firstly, where in the hell did they get that number? Just pull it out of their ass? How in the hell do they know things will "recover" in 2017? Oh wait, I know why: it gives The Post's Kaplan U a solid six more years of pure profit.

I'll tell you one thing: once you're onto this con, it's all very similar. It's just like studies saying antidepressants are remarkably effective for everything from depression to diabetic neuropathy to low back pain to fibromyalgia to PMS, and all those studies are conducted by pharma companies! AND since the FDA is bought out, they approved antidepressants for all those uses, even though the evidence of their efficacy is dubious at best!

It really is getting to the point where you can't trust ANY mainstream advice, either economic, academic, journalistic, or medical. Yowza.