Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here's something to celebrate! For-profit enrollment plunges!

Yippee! The for-profits have seen a sharp decline in enrollment, according to a recent piece in the Chronicle.

Here's a great quote:

New-student enrollment declined an average of 14.1 percent this quarter at 10 of the biggest for-profit educators, according to company financial disclosures and analysts' reports. The slide has come as some of those institutions curbed their aggressive recruiting practices amid growing pressure from federal and state lawmakers.
Those federal and state lawmakers, like Senator Harkin, deserve credit. He's done a great job of investigating these schools.

A young man told me a few weeks ago, "I am so glad I discovered your work. I was going to go to a for-profit, but I realized from reading your things that they are a scam." He's got that right.

One woman I know via FB was defending her for-profit. She works for the company, and says that the school does care about students.

Here's how I responded: "well, that might be true. But if they want any credibility, they need to put pressure on the schools that scam and defraud their students. If they don't stand up and put pressure on similar institutions, then they will be lumped in with them. TIME TO CLEAN UP SHOP."

As for my position, higher education should not be part of the market system. Period.

So, perhaps the CEOs of these diploma mills should rethink their approach, and also put pressure on the schools in their industry that they see as shady. It's their problem. I'm just a watchdog doin' my job.

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