Saturday, October 2, 2010

Be warned: the for-profits have pulled out their big weapons

They are threatened by Harkin, Franken, et al. They have found Education Matters, too. That's great news for us! But their guns are big, and they are ready to shoot out rounds and rounds of their 'objective' bullets and their statistical grenades. We are supposedly the ones who are wrong. We are the ones who don't understand the "basics" of this "complex situation." Well, I beg to differ. Folks, I've done my research, and I am writing a book that includes testimonials from the indentured educated class. No one can suggest I haven't fully investigated this subject. I've collected stories from thousands and thousands of debtors, and those narratives tell the truth about this broken system.

As I told one of their lobbying groups via Twitter, I plan on crushing them. I want to run them out of D.C. I want to turn them into the tobacco industry. It's possible. I'm ready, and that's thanks to an army of volunteers.

 Your big guns don't intimidate me.

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