Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Post: Implementation of Regulatory Requirements Related to Gainful Employment Programs

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The Department of Education has formally sent out a letter about gainful employment to institutions preparing students for specified fields of work. 


Anonymous said...

This is GE1 only -- related to the final reg which was published in October 2010 and becomes effective 7/1/2011.

The final reg for GE3 -- related to the proposed reg published in late July containing the repayment rate calculation and debt-income ratio calculation by program used for determining whether a GE program can maintain future eligibility -- has not been published yet, never mind any letter guidance on it.

Liz said...

Am I reading that right? Professional degree graduate level programs are exempted from the new rules? So this doesn't apply to law schools? Lawyer-hopefuls can still sign up for six-figure federal loans, at taxpayer expense, without the school being required to provide ANY information on the likelihood of those loans being repaid?

Did I miss something?