Friday, April 22, 2011

Are Phones That Anachronistic? - Bill Collectors Are On Facebook Too, And Hunting You Down While You Play Farmville!

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Some of my readers have already alerted me to the fact that bill collectors are, as a recent MSNBC article states, "trolling" Facebook and other social network sites.  I am connected to a number of people on Facebook, but am extremely careful when accepting friend requests. This is one of the reasons for that. If people do not send me specific reasons for why they wish to friend me, or have a number of valid connections, then I refuse to connect with them.

I am curious about this newish trend. Have any of you have been tracked down by one of your student lenders via Facebook?

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Anonymous said...

I personally have not been contacted this way (I am still in IBR, not defaulted), but it makes you think twice about accepting friend requests and possibly making you want to clean out your friends list.

Cryn Johannsen said...

Oh, absolutely. I've had people 'infiltrate' my page for political reasons. That has made me careful as well.

Anonymous said...

When I called my lender to set up deferrment they asked if they could get in touch by phone. I don't have a landline, only cellphone. I told them reply to me by mail or e-mail. Three days later I receive a letter saying they sold my contract, so now the chances are greater that i won't be able to defer before the payments due.

Anonymous said...

It almost certainly violates Facebook's terms-of-service. If they abuse it chronically, it could even be actionable or even criminal cyber-stalking.