Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Higher Education Under Attack: An Interview With Dr. Henry Giroux

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The full interview with Dr. Giroux is available here.

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Demosthenes of America said...

I absolutely agree with about 90% of what he says except for one thing. I don't think the total transformation in higher ed into a place that is more closely aligned with America's broader corporatization & militarism is reversible. I appreciate his list of 4 objectives to be achieved, but those have a slim to no chance of happening and slim just left town.

There was a time where the "academy" was an absolute public good because it was the best repository of information, knowledge, and wisdom. However, that is not the case right now. Now a university's major function is subservience to the moneychangers.

Sadly, Giroux is a man who could and rightfully should be one of the strongest advocates for the positive change that needs to occur in higher ed...except he fled the country and the system.

If an academic of his "prestige" and reputation cannot stay in the arena to keep up the good fight, what hope does some debt burdened adjunct have in changing the nature of the system?

Is Dr. Giroux like Morpheus in the Matrix? Extrapolating that, is Canada like Zion? Is he going to come wake us up from the coma nightmare or is he just one of the lucky ones that escaped the sinking ship?