Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abusive Phone Calls Wanted! Looking for the Worst Stories

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What's the worst thing your lender or debt collector has said to you over the phone? Let's collect the worst of the worst and share them on AEM, and show the world what thugs these lenders are! 

"Honey, I can't believe what this a$*!!! just f$*#! said to me." 


Anonymous said...

The worst thing a student loan collector ever said was not directly to me, but to my then 85 year old mother, hounding her on the phone (I haven't lived there in over 20 years) and when he wasn't getting anywhere (she has dementia by the way) he told her well how about we come and take your house? My Dad had just died, and she doesn't have all her faculties, so trying to convince her that her house was in no danger was no small feat. In fairness, they aren't all inhuman monsters, but this one certainly was....

Anonymous said...

They always say that they are recording the conversations.

The debtor should always record them as well, and then post it on youtube. It is very easy to do.

I did it. (Although I wouldn't call the conversation abusive.)