Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bravery is bright - HuffPost project on sharing your story about student loan debt

Those of you who have been following my work here know that I have been posting testimonials for months (see here, here, and here - there are more if you explore older pieces, and you'll see that I worked tirelessly for one particular group). I want to thank all of you for sharing - it is brave to do such a thing, and I respect all of you for telling us such personal things about your daily travails as an indentured educated soul. Thank you again. I am continually astonished by your honesty, your kindness, and willingness to participate in this major struggle.

Moreover, there are several filmmakers with whom I met before departing for Asia who are collecting people's stories and creating documentaries. So it is great to see this much anticipated project at the HuffPost appear today (I was aware of this work, but wasn't sure when it was coming out).

One of the best things about this piece? Going after the 23k average. Bravo. This number is manufactured primarily by the COLLEGE BOARD, and I hope all of you join the Facebook Group - STOP QUOTING THE COLLEGE BOARD.  I also encourage you to join the Support Group for the Indentured Educated Class.

Finally, several of you have expressed an interest in being featured here - in the same way - and I apologize for my delayed responses to your notes. Rest assured, I will be in touch soon and hope that you still wish to share your testimonials here.

Those who are the bravest understand the true meaning of social justice. We do this not just for ourselves, but for our community, for our country. We will not be bound by injustice. We will not be the indentured educated class much longer. Let's keep up the good fight!

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