Monday, December 12, 2011

USA Today - Illnesses or Injury Can Ruin Student Loan Debtors

I wrote this article in June for USA Today. Since there are so many new followers here, I thought I'd repost it - the piece is called "Illness or injury can cause 'ruinous' consequences for those with student loan debt." These stories remind me of why I continue to fight on behalf of the indentured educated class. We deserve a better world. We don't deserve this sort of punishment.


Dona Furiosa said...

Cryn: I can't help but to wonder whether this is one of the reasons why members of Congress have been silent on the issue of student debt. After all, acknowledging the problem you've just mentioned not only implies that there should be some sort of relief for student debtors; it also points to what's wrong with the health care and insurance industries. And there are too many members of Congress whose interests align with those who profit from the status quo.

Anonymous said...


Yeah. Maybe the 99% are onto something after all.

There really is absolute and negligent silence from Congress.

Sometimes, it is not what one hears that is the most telling.

Sometimes, it is what one does not hear, and that ought to be heard in a "normal" situaton.

God help the children of debt.

Born into debt and know nothing else but a lifetime of soul destroying debt.

What makes all of this so surreal is that the overpaid Baby Boomer Academics-the supposed people with the "knowledge" in this current day American society, are leading the Banks in the charge:

Almost criminally, in a human rights sense, trammeling on the dreams of youth, and by extension the pursuit of knowledge.

Oh well, money changes people, even the current crop of so called "Professors" of whatever field.

God help us all