Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cryn Johannsen's Question From All Education Matters

When you think about the student lending crisis and your current financial situation as an indentured educated citizen, are you hopeful that things will eventually change for the better, or do you think things will only get worse? If you think they're going to get better, tell me why you think that (also how will it get better). Same goes for those of you who think it will get worse. (Perhaps some of you just think it will stay the same, and you'll continue to 'get by,' so to speak).


Anonymous said...

Things will only get worse until the numbers collapse on themselves. Baby boomers and investors have banked on student loans to finance thier, incomes, retirements and the inheritences to be left to thier children. If the steady source of loan payments stopped or ended, there is no retirement, no inheritances. Student loans are a game of musical chairs.

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with December 15 @3:42PM.

This might be all part of a tragic and major historical trend for the USA.

I don't hold out too much hope for the upcoming elections either.

The student lending crisis seems to be an elephant in the room that the politicians and mainstream media refuse to talk about.

Many of us might have to leave the USA and a failed system in search of a new life.

Kirstes said...

I fear they will at least attempt to suck us dry. They drove up the prices of our colleges, still everyone went. Now you need grad school. And the bills are brutal. Even if you are a STEM major with an MBA times are tough. I am one of those lucky bastards and I am temping for $13/hr with $500 in loans coming due next month. I will worry about the future, if I ever get there. Since we have no voice (cash = speech in democracyland) and no means, I tend to think we will be sold out for the highest dollar they can wring from our corpses.