Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Post to the Google Viewers

Dear Viewers at Google in Cali and NYC:

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It is nice to see you here!

I received a prompt about using adsense last night, and I suspect that is why you've been viewing my work - you see that my blog is very, very popular. That's great to know! (That's what your adsense prompt stated, too).

I tried signing up for adsense last night (again), and it failed (again). Many months ago, I was apparently bared from using adsense. Why? Your company claimed that my material was and is inappropriate. I have tried on numerous occasions to solve this issue by reaching out to you - my materials are not pornographic, are not racist/sexist/blah/blah, do not condone or support violence, etc., etc. So, why can't I use adsense?

Thanks for your visits, and helping me solve this problem.


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