Sunday, August 7, 2011

Check Out This Blog - Law Professor at Tier 1 School Sides with the Scambloggers!

A law professor at a Tier 1 school has sided with the scambloggers. His new blog, "Inside the Law School Scam," will certainly be a big hit. This is great news for the scambloggers. They have provided stats and shown how law schools have rigged the employment numbers, and now they have a professor who has come on board.

Stay tuned for some really, really, really, really big news tomorrow! Can't wait to share . . .

"I've told Martha that we will have to give up the third home on Block Island. The scambloggers are making this much harder for us . . ."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. The author of that blog is a very good writer. It seems to me that the "scam" he (or she?) notes is not at all specific to law school, but is largely the same for higher education in general. Absurdly high education costs for delivery of content that is not unique and doesn't require a highly paid professor, so that students can obtain a credential that, at least in the current economy, seems to be of declining value.

At least part of that message has started to get mainstream publicity. For example, Prof Glenn Reynolds often covers the "education bubble" in his very popular "Instapundit" blog, especially as it relates to the law school bubble. Reynolds is a law school professor, and doesn't (at least publicly on his blog) show the same level of cynicism about the value of the actual teaching, but still brings up the essence of the problem.

Also noteworthy, I think, is that Reynolds is a libertarian. Many of the others that I've seen commenting about such things seem to be of a liberal/progressive bent. The point being that this is NOT a partisan issue limit to one part of the political spectrum.