Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's time . . .

Indentured educated citizens, with these wins, it is TIME to get back to DC and get back to work. It's TIME to solve the student lending crisis. It's our TIME to do it. It's TIME to go home and get work done.


Anonymous said...

I recently was fortunate enough to have a relative who was willing to pay for me to consult with an attorney with regard to my student loans. He told me that when the democrats had all of Congress, they were working on allowing student loans in bankruptcy before the republicans took over the House. Maybe there is hope for us yet. What can we do to help you, Cryn? Something has to be done. After talking to that attorney, I am really frightened. They can go after my husband for my debt even though he never signed on it!! They can take away my driver's license, professional license... they can come to my house! If they post a summons on a door where I no longer live and I don't get it... and therefore don't show up to court, I could go to JAIL for this! I need help and I need it now!


Anonymous said...

Are you insane? Barack Obama personally insisted that graduate students, law students, have all subsidies on Stafford Loans removed last year to fund pell grants for college kids - despite the fact that grad students minimally paid 6.5 and 8.5 interest rates -double the college rate- and despite the fact that law school tuition is a monopoly that has increased at a pace 371 times faster than undergrad tuition. With friends like those, who needs enemies????

Stump for killers. His policies killed my friend.