Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good News for Student Loan Debtors! Elizabeth Warren Wins in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren once said, long before she won this election this evening, that "student loan debt collectors have power that would make mobsters envious." As I write this short update, Senator Brown is giving his concession speech. With Warren on the Hill, I suspect we're going to see some good outcomes for people who are struggling or unable to pay back their loans. This is a major win for the indentured educated class.

Congratulations to Dr. Warren, her hard-working team, and all of the volunteers who knocked on doors, called, and donated to her campaign.

I can assure all of you, I will be visiting her new office in DC and very soon!

PHOTO: Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren waves as she arrives to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on September 5, 2012.
Photo Credit: AP J. Scott Applewhite

UPDATE In Warren's victory speech, she said, "To all the young people who did everything right and are drowning in debt, we're going to invest in you."


Anonymous said...

One freshman Senator, no matter how interested in a topic must obtain the support of others. The real import will be if the other Senators (particularly NY Bankster's Senator Schumer)will allow anything meaningful to be done about the topic and will the president put his prestige behind the proposals.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Warren? Does she have a PhD? Did she get it from the same place as her Native American heritage? I have never heard of a lawyer using the D part of a JD.

Anonymous said...



I am in the D.C. area. I cannot promise anything due to work but if you need someone to go with you to Dr. Warren's office, let it be known. I am sure there are many out there in the area who would be happy to accompany you. This is a HUGE victory for all of us!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Elizabeth Warren is a Harvard professor.

FrankyFreedom said...

Let's give Mrs. Warren a virtual "high-five" for sticking to what she believes in and fighting against the odds through the political system for ultimate humane change in the student debt crisis.

The opponent is strong, but if more educated people like Mrs. Warren dedicate their expertise to this issue the GRASSROOTS battle can grow.

Let's hope that Mrs. Warren can make some progress in this new term.