Friday, June 1, 2012

And some want to 'work' with Sallie Mae?!?

Some reformers apparently want to "work" with Sallie Mae. Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting. That's like the 99% asking to "work" with Wall Street to solve the austerity crisis, or pro-Obamaites reaching out to Trump and the birthers to clear that b$*%# up. Just watch the language deteriorate with the reformers, just watch it. I've already seen it changing. It's weakening. Weakening tremendously. Oh, boy, here we go again . . .

Reformer: "We should reach out to him, and 'work' with this guy on the birther issue! Yeah. Great idea!"


Anonymous said...

Some people tried to "work with" Hitler. History shows us how well that turned out.

Nando said...

Reformers are inherently weak. In the final analysis, wealth and power is a zero sum game. The rich cockroaches who own the country understand this situation. It is time for the proletariat to: (a) recognize this reality; and (b) work toward changing the stark contrast.

Asking the pigs to reform their ways will not work, and it never has been a formula for success. Hell, MLK benefited from the rhetoric AND actions of Black Panthers, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and others.

Also, everyone loves to rub Gandhi's balls and tell us how well his peaceful approach worked. What they don't mention -either out of dishonesty or ignorance - is that there were plenty of violent Indian revolutionaries who made the British realize that they would be better of working with civil Gandhi rather than fighting rebels.

Allie said...

I have to respectfully disagree. Although I agree with you radicals in political theory, that a revolution is what is ultimately necessary as unbridled capitalism is unsustainable, in the meantime, for student borrowers like myself, drowning in student loan debt and going under like Titanic victims ANY immediate lifeboat or flotation device in an emergency will do!

Working with Sallie Mae to gain ANY ground that can take effect immediately is worth pursuing. It might lead to more meaningful and permanent student loan reform.

Here we are, a large number of us un or underemployed, stripped of any normal and ordinary consumer protections and accounting principles (NO bankruptcy or modification, capitalizing and compounding interest WAY above prime; daily). We benefit every time even a slight chink in the impenetrable armor of the lenders is made, and we weaken their impervious shell. Over time, they will have to make some concessions, and I need that to be happening now. So let reformers try to work with them, and if they say no, let's take it to the people, to Congress and the Consumer Finance Protection Board asap.

If Sallie Mae was forced by public opinion and/or Congress to offer interest free economic hardship deferment periods, income based repayment or to quit garnishing wages it would immediately help hundreds of thousands of people who are in pain and distress right now.

I don't know which political groups you are referring to, but this is why I support Forgive Student Loan Debt, Student Loan Justice, USSA, National Assn. of Bankruptcy Attorneys, Young Invincibles and Occupy Student Debt equally despite you all having conflicting philosophies and methodologies.

Anyone making noise and getting any response from Sallie Mae or Congress is helping. Hell, even making them get rid of the stupid $14.95 fee that they make Catherine Valenzuela pay for using a debit card would be a help!

We don't have time for a national ideological political revolution. As A result of my untenable debt, I don't have my 7/1/12 rent together yet, and I suspect many of the members here are treading in the same dark waters.