Monday, May 7, 2012

Interview with Rose Aguilar on Your Call

I was interviewed today by radio host Rose Aguilar (@roseaguilar). If you missed the conversation, you can listen to it here. Pamela Brown (@pambrown15), who helped launch the Occupy Student Loan Debt "Refusal Pledge" Campaign, joined me to discuss the student lending crisis.

The lines were jammed, and we heard from people who have fled the country and used to feel suicidal. A young man called in and told us he has no hope about the future. It is an alarming thing to hear from a person who is so young. It should be considered a national tragedy.


Nando said...

Nice job. Why don't you have your own talk show by now? Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for us. You are giving hope to those of us who are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Cry, thank you for explaining that the hike in interest rates applies only to those who take out new loans. While this is a tragedy to which we can all attest, the federal government is doing no favors to current debtors even if they do freeze the hike. I believe they're blowing this legislation out of proportion to make themselves look like heroes once again (since they'll most likely freeze the hike) while making the public believe that all is good and well. What a way to hide the REAL problem.