Friday, May 4, 2012

Thomas M. Cooley Has Subpoenaed Me

So, it looks like Thomas M. Cooley is subpoenaing me too. Law Professor Paul Campos also wrote today that the law school has subpoenaed him. 

Stay tuned for more details.


Strelnikov said...

Do what the Angry Gay Pope did - he went in and plead the fifth as much as humanly possible, because it was an obvious phishing trip. Of course what happened to the AGP revolved around protesting Scientology, but the mechanism is the same: a powerful organization sees a protestor (you) as a threat, so they subpoenaed you to get information and possibly chill your dissent. Fuck them. Try to get the videos and post them on youTube as the Angry Gay Pope did.

Anonymous said...

What scum. What a miserable, piece of shit school. What miserable, piece of shit human beings.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, Cryn!