Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unhappy About Tuition Increases and Determined to Protest? It's Pepper Spray for you!

Santa Monica College students were protesting tuition increases at their school yesterday. The friggin' audacity! Who do these kids think they are?!? And do they believe they have the right to protest? Wowsers. I mean, you'd think these kids thought the U.S. allowed for this kind of nonsense. And on a college campus of all places! Oh, the humanity! The humanity!

This GERMAN blimp didn't blow up for your right to protest.

Well, methinks there is some sort of trend occurring, because you can only guess what happened next! These young folks were pepper-sprayed. Well done, cops! Great job! Way to serve and protect the community. I am also delighted to learn that a 4-year-old was there.

Yeah, Tim and Eric are sayin' "Great Job!"

Also, this pepper stuff isn't dangerous. I mean, that's what some lady on the Fox News tee-vee station told me. It's just pepper-spray. And a person like me, who has severe allergies, probably wouldn't die if I were sprayed by this totally, totally harmless stuff. Nope. It's, like, totally harmless. Oh, but wait, I am remembering this article, which is based upon scientific evidence, and kinda suggests the opposite of what that blonde haired lady told me on the television. Oh, the humanity! Who can I believe anymore?!? 
Yeah, I believe you, blonde-Fox-lady.
 Also, I was thinkin' that this is an eensy-teensy bit reminiscent of that guy, Lt. John Pike, at UC Davis last Novemeember. What do you think, guys? He's the one whose image has become a hilarious meme. Poor guy! He was obviously just doin' his job. Hey, but wait a second . . . I've heard these head-bashing, pepper-spraying cops say that a lot lately, that they are just doin' their job. Huh. Now I'm confused again. Because that reminds me of a dangerous line of defense that lots of guilty folks used way back in them olden days. Oh, shucks, what do I know.

Bottom Line

Kids, don't be foolish and try and exercise your 1st Amendment rights.

Also, when you graduate, I want to welcome you to the indentured educated class!


Anonymous said...

Rather than protest and run the risk of getting pepper sprayed, there is a simpler, less painful solution.

If a merchant starts to sell a product for more than you're willing to pay for it (i.e., the price is more than it's worth), just don't buy the product. Walk away and don't look back.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous April 5 - I understand the point you're making, but here's the problem: it's a catch-22 for people in this country when it comes to higher education.

Many employers won't even look twice at a resume if you "just" have a BA. They say, "Oh, they're not qualified enough."

Same goes with folks who are looking for work with a high school diploma.

But then there are the folks who have the "right" degrees, and they are told, "Sorry, you're overqualified."

And higher education isn't merely a product. It's much more than that.