Friday, December 9, 2011

Hypervocal: Read Public Statement of No Confidence in Chancellor Katehi by UC Davis Faculty

Here is my most recent piece  about the strong disapproval of Chancellor Katehi's refusal to leave her position at UC Davis, and faculty members calling for her immediately resignation. The article includes a public statement of no confidence over at

Here's a snippet:
While there are some UC Davis faculty members and students who do not believe Chancellor Linda Katehi should step down after Lt. John Pike pepper-sprayed peaceful student protesters on November 18th, many on campus want her to resign immediately. The English Department condemned the police brutality almost immediately after the incident. Shortly thereafter, as first reported here at HyperVocal, members of the Physics Department also released a statement calling for her resignation.
Pike’s unwarranted and shameful pepper-spraying “party” has now become a meme. After a number of unnerving news reports of both police and civilians using pepper spray recklessly on Black Friday on shoppers (yes, shoppers, not occupiers), my editor here even suggested that pepper spray be named TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year.”
Read the article in its entirety here. 

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