Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome Sallie Mae!

Hey, Sallie Mae, I see you're IP address from the HQ in Newark, Delaware. Again, I want to thank you for turning millions of Americans into indentured educated citizens! Good job on making profits off of usury. You know what you are, right? You are a thief of hope. You have stolen hope from millions of people. But if you have noticed lately, there are lots of patriotic people on the streets who are calling you out and demanding that things be changed.

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Anonymous said...

I called them out and here is what I got...blocked from their FB page and their online messaging. Lied to by customer service always telling me there is no supervisor on duty but their customer advocacy sector claims I was never told that and that was a lie. No repsonse from over half a dozen emails to their CEO. I also continue to get screwed more and more on my loans...LeRoy Palmer (pissed off Sallie Mae customer)