Monday, December 5, 2011

Hypervocal: Washington Post - “Forgive Us Our Student Loan Debt?” No Thanks!

Here's another piece I recently wrote on my column, Seriously Subversive, over at

The Washington Post, which owns for-profit Kaplan, published an op-ed on Monday in favor of loan forgiveness. This is a company that has profited greatly from student loans.
Naturally, they will push an agenda whose language is not particularly well-received among a large portion of the American public. As soon as individuals, who have either already paid off their loans or never had loans in the first place, see grads demanding “loan forgiveness,” many people begin to groan. They say things like, “It was their damn decision to take out those loans? Now they don’t want to pay them back?” Or, “No one put a gun to their heads to take out that huge loan! Tough shit! Pay up!” Or, “So people who have loans are bitching and whining, when they got to go off to school and party and enjoy college life? And now they want a bailout too?!?” 

Read the entire piece here.

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