Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Please Donate - Let Me Represent You

The Occupy Movement is spreading rapidly across the United States. It began in lower Manhattan on September 17, and now over 50 cities are organizing similar protests. Boston, Denver, Portland, Tampa, D.C. . . . the list goes on and on and on . . .

I want to represent you. Many of you can't get out there on the streets because of work obligations, family commitments, and so forth. That's where I come into play. But I need your help. I want to be a voice for those of you who can't make it to these protests that are spreading across the country. Pitch in $5 to get me where I need to be for you.

I've established a readership. I have ties to D.C. All of you know that. Now it's really time to hit the streets, and start spreading the message and getting people talking about the student lending crisis and how it relates to larger systemic problems in the U.S. I will be interviewing people and reporting, and also exploring the theme of student loan debt. Are the folks at these rallies also holding signs about their student loan debt? Are they also out there because they are indebted? We've seen a lot of signs in NYC about student loan debt, so I want to know if that is something that is being expressed in other cities.

Some of you aren't in favor of the politics behind this movement. Whether or not you're in favor of these protests, you and I both know that I need to be out there and talking to people face-to-face about the student lending crisis. I need to be telling them that there is an army of indentured educated citizens.

Here's my plan for the next couple of weeks (make note of the college campuses - these are people AEM needs to be meeting and talking to):

Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
New Orleans, LA
Fayetteville, AK
Occupy OSU (Stillwater)
Occupy OU (Norman)
Occupy Mobile (Alabama)
Occupy Jackson (Mississippi)

As you can see, I want to explore protests in the Heartland and the South. I want to reach out to these people, and I also want to be there representing ALL of us - the indentured educated class.

Put me to work, and let me get out there to represent all of us! Pitch in $5 today.

You can conveniently pay by signing up via PayPal on my blog (see the right hand-side of the screen). You can make a one-time donation or subscribe for monthly or weekly payments.

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Cryn Johannsen said...

Thanks to the four folks who donated today. AEM received $75! That is appreciated. If you haven't pitched in yet, and you read this blog a lot and value my advocacy work, send AEM $5. Every dollar helps.


Cryn Johannsen said...

OK. Scratch that figure. AEM just received another donation of $20.

Cryn Johannsen said...

And after that last donation, I received another $25. Thanks so much to those who have donated! I am greatly appreciative, and look forward to talking to people IN person. This will help spread the word even more.

One Who Survived said...

"Some of you aren't in favor of the politics behind this movement. Whether or not you're in favor of these protests, you and I both know that I need to be out there and talking to people face-to-face about the student lending crisis."

This is a prudential and truthful statement, without which your particular endeavours would be compromised. The "movement" is not beholden to any single ideology - or any ideology at all - and your particular aim concerns the student loan crisis. Make it clear that you're sticking to that, and you won't lose any supporters for any non-related political reasons.

A few days ago when I read an semi-coherent "statement" of the movement's inchoate leaders, to me it seemed to have been a sloppily cobbled mish-mash of some very serious grievances mixed with some self-indulgent trivia such as "animal rights". Look, as I grew up among fowl and sheep and cows (and wild beasties in the nearby forest), I of all people love "All Creatures Great and Small" in realistic ways, but not all beasts are created equal. The venomous spiders in my garden shed do not warrant the same kind of gentle respect as the wild parrots in my trees.

I'm reminded of this scene from Monty Python's "Life of Brian": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUBAx8jbYNs

But that's exactly why petty ideological differences ought not take precedence over practical aims. Good on ya for understanding and reminding others of this fact.

One Who Survived said...

And off topic, but digressing from my above comment's inclusion of the Monty Python clip about a "transgendered" revolutionary:

Is my dog "transgendered", according to some social constructs? As he's half-cocker-spaniel and exquisitely groomed (BTW his professional groomer is a homosexual man, a genius at dog-grooming and wonderfully kind to doggies), he has long-haired ears, always brushed and fluffed. So, a few days ago while I was walking him, a girl of around age 3 or 4 pointed to him and said:

"THAT one's a GIRL! 'Cause she has long fluffy ears!"

Hm, so that little girl assumed my male dog was a "girl", JUST based on SUPERFICIAL PHYSICAL appearances! Just his long fluffy ears, not his genitals.

Does that make my dog "transgendered" according to current academic fashion?

According to some "social constructs" he's perceived to be "feminine", but his behaviour is more typical of a male dog, especially when he sneaks up on me and kicks me in the ass. Hm, but then some of my former girlfriends have done the same, at least metaphorically.

At any rate, I know I did him a big favour when I had his balls cut off when he was a puppy. It didn't make him any less agressive, but at least it spared him the agonies of romance. But maybe not, because he seems to be in love with my neighbour's cat.