Monday, October 3, 2011

Gregory Warner at NPR's Marketplace Discusses Occupy Wall Street And Student Loan Debt

This is great! Marketplace's Gregory Warner discussed the Occupy Wall Street movement and student loans today.  AEM has been covering the way occupy and the student loan crisis are entwined with one another, and I have noted how folks down on Wall Street have been carrying signs about student loan debt. Dustin Slaughter (see links below) has been taking superb snapshots of these signs, and I've been able to share them with all of you. Pssst! Folks, follow him on twitter (@dustinalaughter). He's in Boston now, reporting live about the protests there, and is a great first-hand source about the movement in NYC and now Boston. You can read his accounts here.

My favorite remark on the show? The reporter told Warner that he saw one sign that read: "Honk if you have student debt." Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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