Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Tragedy: Homeless Man With Two Master's!

If it weren't for my in-laws, I would be homeless like this man. Homeless with 2 master's degrees . . .

This is why we must continue to send letters to the President!

Source: HuffPo


Nando said...

The man also has a PhD from Dartmouth. He has been out of work since November.

Anonymous said...

I have commented on a few of the alternative education and law scam blogs. I appreciate all the support to do my own blog, I will have one later this fall called Born On A Soapbox.

Working as a peon in government, what I actually do is work with the agencies that serve the homeless and I also get a few homeless people that directly come to me too.

This is not at all rare, I see this in reality, there is such a wide variety of homeless people, and there are some very well educated homeless people that thought they did everything right in life.

There have always been a few educated homeless, but what is troubling me especially is that I am seeing a new wave of educated homeless people in their 20s, who are recent graduates. Some are falling directly out of middle class. Some are from low income backgrounds that thought they were working to get out of generational poverty. Some develop medical problems. All types of backgrounds with college degrees that become homeless.

There have been a lot of articles stating that many recent college graduates have been forced to move back home, but not all of them have homes to move back to, so they really are homeless.

Sadly, I only expect this to get worse, and more education is definitely not the answer.

Anonymous said...

It will good to have soapbox on board, with his or her story. We are starting to see blogs from professors and professionals. We need more from government bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

I admire him for taking the risk to move out there even though it probably didn't seem that risky at the time.

I moved cross-country for a FT job with benefits. While I did actually get the job, I lost primary custody of my daughter, who has lived with me since birth, because I moved. I was told that I should have accepted poverty before moving out of state. Great example for the kid, no?

As it is, I make as much money now with an MA from an Ivy as I did when I just had a BA.

It feels like all I got for my trouble was more student loan debt.

Viva the American Dream!