Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yet Another Anemic Move: The Whittled Down 'Gainful Employment' Rule

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Upon further inspection, the Department's 'Gainful Employment' Rule is yet another example of how little student advocacy groups and students mean. Advocacy groups, including AEM, are not happy with the outcome. Not surprisingly, the soul- and debt-crushing schools and their lobbying leeches are peeved. Even though they played a pivotal role in reshaping this now anemic and sorry set of so-called rules, they're the victims. Because nowadays the people who are sucking the country dry, like these nasty loan leeches, are the ones who are being screwed. It's not the poor and minority students that they're misleading. Oh no! It's not them! Nope. They aren't the victims in this scenario. It's the poor, poor, eensy-weensy for-profits! Don't forget they labored and earned their billions off the backs of the indentured educated class. That's tough work. They all really deserve pats on their loanleeching backs.

Just another day in D.C. where a greedy, profit-driven industry shapes all rules and forms of legislation. If only the voices of the American people were heard a little more, but that would be just crazy!

Move along, folks. Nothing to look at here.

Good Leeches

Note to Real Leeches: Sorry, leeches, I had to use the metaphor. I don't wish to give you a bad name. I realize you are used and offer humans great health benefits, and I appreciate that. Please forgive me, and don't hit me with a defamation suit (I hope your lobbyists will understand, too)!

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Anonymous said...

I knew this was going to be the outcome and that's why, even though I favor the "intent" of student loans, I believe the system is so corrupt that starving the beast is the only solution at this point. One things is for sure: the system is rotten to its core.

I have always leaned to the left and supported the Democrats, but I think in the next election I am going to go with whoever wants to do the most spending cutting, particularly with regards to the Department of Education. If that's means that I will support Ron Paul, so be it.