Sunday, May 22, 2011

Repost - Investigating Law Schools (Class Action Case)

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If you attended one of the law schools listed below, please reach out to me via email ( I know someone who is doing extensive research on these institutions, and they'd like to talk to former graduates.

  • Albany School of Law
  • New York Law School
  • Pace Law School
  • Touro Law School
  • Hofstra Law School
  • California Western School of Law
  • Chapman University School of Law
  • Golden Gate Law School
  • McGeorge Law School/University of Pacific (#100)
  • Southwestern University School of Law
  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • Western State University
  • Witter College of Law
  • Thomas Cooley School of Law


Anonymous said...

Are you getting in touch with people? Perhaps we should try other avenues if this method is not working.

Cryn Johannsen said...

You mean, have people reached out to me? The answer is yes. I am just the messenger, and trying to assist an attorney.