Monday, April 25, 2011

People Who Directly Benefit From Indentured Educated Citizens: Mr. Jonathan Clark and Mr. John F. (Jack) Remondi

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Who are these folks?

(a) Mr. Jonathan Clark is the Executive Vice President and CFO for Sallie Mae. He certainly learned a lot about the ethics behind usury at Ha-vad, didn't he?

(b) Mr. John F. (Jack) Remondi has been appointed as President and Chief Operating Officer for the wonderful and ethical, upstanding and moral company that we all have come to love so much.

I'd like to know how Mr. Clark and Mr. Remondi sleep at night. I bet they sleep well, because their children aren't part of the indentured educated class. So, let's thank Mr. Clark and Mr. Remondi from benefiting financially from the millions of people they have turned into indentured educated citizens. Thanks, guys!

A recent article about SLM's stocks states, "The company has acquired $27 billion of securitized federal student loans and related assets from The Student Loan Corporation which would add 1.3 million customers to its customer base. Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Albert Lord received a 2010 compensation of $5.45 million."

Isn't that awesome? They are creating 1.3 million more indentured educated students! I'm also delighted to hear that Lord received $5.45 million in 2010. That money was all earned from hard, hard work. Great job, Al! You're doing wonderful work, too. Keep it up, my friend. (I think I ought to send him Dante's Inferno, so that he'll learn about where he'll be in hell, the usurious bastard. I'll have to drop by when I'm on my religious pilgrimage - Marx will be my Virgil - and ask him how it feels to be smashed inside a coin purse).

Mr. Jonathan Clark

Mr. John F. (Jack) Remondi

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cryn!

I'm a dead man, waiting to die.

So ripped off by my own nation I do not want to even live with the cruelty of it.

It is about time the world knows about the rest of the cogs in this cruel machine.

Anonymous said...

Personally I have some admiration for Marx even though I'm a Burkean conservative. But guess what, today's Left, especially the academic Left, don't give a damn about what Marx cared about, the plight of the working class. It's been replaced with "race" and "gender" and now the hyper-unreality of "sexual orientation".

Brilliant tactic by the proprietary class. Pretend to be "sensitive" about "gay equality" so that you can ignore economic inequality. Rich homosexuals are becoming free to pretend to be married, but as for the homeless, well they deserve their fate, don't they.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous - I have no problem with identity politics, something that you bash inappropriately. It is also presumptuous to assume that all homosexuals are rich, not class conscious, and disinterested in the homeless/poor.