Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good news! Jon Oberg Settles Case: Nelnet And Other Lenders Must Pay U.S. Government $57.8 Million

I've written about Jon Oberg on several occasions. He's the Department of Education's G-man, and he has just settled a big case against Nelnet and other lenders. That's some great news for the indentured educated class.

If you want to read through the history of my own work about him, here are the links:

- "Reading Between The Lines: How Sallie Mae's 'Forward Looking' Report May Screw Us, And In A Big Way"

- "Our Dept. of Ed Gman Is Doing Something Heroic For Us!"

- "The Resurrection of Dept. of Education Gman And America's Collective Trauma" 


Anonymous said...

And now these same companies (both those who settled and those who were dismissed from the case) are going to be servicing the direct student loans as contractors. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

That's the mystery and the great Paradox about the whole situation: the way the lines between public and private entitys are crossed and recrossed.