Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! Our Dept. of Ed. Gman Hero is doing something heroic for all of us!

As many of you recall, I wrote about a modern day hero, Dr. Jon Oberg, the dutiful (G-man!) researcher at the Department of Education here and here . Dr. Oberg's work - the right type of work - led him to discover that lenders were receiving millions and millions of dollars from the treasury - they slithered past all sorts of loopholes to line their pockets with money. He tried to put a stop to it, went to his superiors, and informed them of his findings. Guess what they did to him? They told him to shut up, to move on, to attend to work related to the position he held (whatever that means) at the DOE.

Well, Dr. Oberg is back, and it's good news for our movement! He has filed a lawsuit, "seeking the return of $1-billion in excess student-subsidies to the federal government."

For those who read my blog, I urge you to the following things:

a) Please, please follow me (you must sign up to follow. Scroll down the page and see my list of "followers"). I'm not asking you to do this for my own desire for fame, but to really show that my readership has spiked for the Forgive Student Loan Debt Movement.

b) Once you have signed up to follow me, circulate this news about Dr. Oberg! Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors - tell EVERYONE. This lawsuit could be of enormous help to our cause.

I will also be writing a very disturbing piece about people who are in the enrollment management industry - this story will, in my view, help those critical of Marjorie Dillon (and thousands and thousands of others in a devastating predicament like her - we're talking about 4 generations of people who might be destroyed as a result of some fishy things that may have happened at Robert Morris University) see her from a different light A very different light. Stay tuned for that story . . .

But for now, spread the word!

Thanks again for your support.

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