Saturday, February 27, 2010

Private Debt Swap Proposal

I am on a grueling schedule as a new teacher in Korea. My first official day doesn't start until Monday (I've been in intense training these past two weeks), but am excited to be teaching again.

Despite this demanding schedule and adjusting to an entirely new culture (not to mention the worst bout of jet leg I've ever experienced - in fact, I am still feeling its after affects), I have managed to stay on EST and continue advocating for the indentured educated class.

For instance, a few days ago I touched base with the Education Policy Staffer at Sen. Sherrod Brown's office by phone. I wanted to catch up with her and inquire about the private student loan debt swap. Many of you viewed the proposal after I provided a link on my Facebook. There were mixed reactions to this proposal.

On top of this contact, many of you sent your letters that we sent via snail mail to the White House electronically this past week. Thank you so much for following up on this second step. For those of you who have yet to send your letters electronically, please do so ASAP. The email address is

Here was my letter to provide a general template (feel free to use your own introduction to Mr. Rodriguez - I am just offering a quick opening, because I know many of you have families, several jobs, and so many other priorities):

Hi, all,

It takes quite a bit of time for letters to arrive - thanks to that Anthrax scare a few years ago, letters are scanned and so forth . . . so, I have put up a request on FB to send your letters via email to the following email address:

Also, please cc Sec. Arne Duncan ( and Deputy Under Secretary Robert Shireman (

Just add a quick note at the top (I pasted my letter in the body of the email) like this:
Dear Mr. Rodriquez: I am a member of the indentured educated class. Recently, we carried out a letter writing campaign with the help of Ms. C. Cryn Johannsen. She is an advocate for student loan debtors and helped draft a general letter of concern about the student lending crisis and the indentured educated class. Please find my copy below.

In any event, I just wanted to provide an update.


John in Boston said...

Thank you for everything you do for education debtors, Cryn. And thank you again.

Cryn Johannsen said...

Of course - thank you for being a part of this historic movement, John in Boston (oh . . . how your name makes me homesick).

Anonymous said...

thank you -- I totally missed out on this event... family death, etc

Cryn Johannsen said...

No worries. I am sorry you had a death in your family. We'll have plenty more writing campaigns, so I am sure you will have the opportunity to join upcoming ones soon. My condolences . . .