Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Edububble does it again. The latest post is based upon yet another "race-tinged" article and the despicable nature of college debt. This one comes from the Albany Times-Union and is by Scott Waldman. A former dean is suing and claiming that his school made a point to keep black students enrolled a tad longer for their bucks. Name of the school? That State University of New York at Cobleskill. (The school made no comment about the suit by Thomas Hickey - he's the former dean).

But here's what Edububble did best - s/he wrote, "So what do we do? [to "solve" all this b--s--t?] . . .  The only solution is informing the public that college is as much of a racket as the car business, the plumbing business,  and the roofing business [my emphasis].

That's right, folks. College IS A RACKET.  


froma2b said...

I have made this same comment in the past. College is a Racket. A Business for someone. When you think of all the jobs that are on a college campus and they aren't the students. They go from the Dean down to the housekeeping staff. All these jobs created by a college for college students and then no jobs waiting for the student when he/she graduates.

froma2b said...

I totally agree that college is a racket. I think about all the jobs that are created on a college campus to educate a student. Many do not require any degree just a High School diploma. There are Jobs from the Dean down to the housekeeping staff that are dependent on students enrolling in college. And like you pay for the name of major brand, or model. the same can be said for colleges. Your local Metro College won't be as impressive as say Harvard down the road of life. But you college debt will sure tell the difference in what college you attended.