Thursday, June 2, 2016

Online Interview About Writing My Book, Solving the Student Loan Crisis

I was recently interviewed about the process of writing my book over at  Book Marketing Buzz.

Here's a snippet:

1.      What inspired you to write your book?
There were several things that inspired me to write Solving the Student Loan Crisis: Dreams, Diplomas & a Lifetime of Debt. First, I was on my way to becoming a professor, so I spent a lot of time in academia. The topic of student loan debt came up often. I myself am also a debtor, something I talk about openly in the beginning of the book. In fact, my student loan debt, at least in part, led to the demise of my marriage, one that lasted close to 10 years. But the topic also relates to my beliefs and commitment to social justice.
When I left academia, I went into publishing, and shortly thereafter, I launched a blog called, All Education Matters. This blog was originally intended to help me stay connected to academia and explore all sorts of intellectual ideas (hence the reason behind its name). However, shortly after I launched the blog or right around that time the banks were bailed out by the US government. There was a lot of public outrage, as many here will recall. So, a lot of people began asking, “Well, if the banks were bailed out, what about students, too?” This is part of what inspired me to begin exploring student loan debt, and that opened a huge can of worms. 

You can read the rest of the interview here. 

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