Thursday, May 12, 2016

Founder of a For-Profit Heading to Jail for Fraud

There is something quite satisfying about this ruling - a judge ruled that the founder of FastTrain, Alejandro Amor, was guilty of stealing money via federal loans his school received ($35 million).  FastTrain was a proprietary school in Florida, but closed in 2012. 3 other employees before Amor were also sentenced to jail time. While it's true that this sort of ruling is unusual, I'd also say it's promising.

It also suggests to me that raising hell about these schools and their practices is making a difference.

Sometimes public outrage pays off.  


Craig said...

Excellent news! Keep the public outrage machine going!

Speaking of the absurdities of the "for-profit" stuff, I just found this...

By the way, Cryn, hi there! I don't know if you remember me or not; I wrote to you via email over a year ago, if only to say how much I liked your cause and appreciated what you were doing (and I still do). Keep up the great work!

Also, I have a question: If I get a copy of your book, is there any way I can get it autographed by you?


Cryn Johannsen said...

Craig - did I respond to your email? If I didn't I apologize. I'd be happy to sign a copy of my book! Thanks for the kind words, too.

Anonymous said...

With all of the news of debtors being arrested for defaulting, it's high time we start putting away the people who are equally if not more responsible for this disaster!


Craig said...


Hi again! I don't know if you got the last email I ever sent you (it was something which I sent back on January 23 of this year, merely asking if I could share some stuff with you). Check your inbox again, I just sent you a new message. Wait, do you have both Yahoo and Gmail? Let me try both...