Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#FeelTheBern - Sanders gets my vote

Bernie Sanders gets the student loan debt crisis. We, the indentured educated class, need someone like him in office. Plus, he wants free public university. These ideas align with my own regarding higher education.


"Make College Free For All" - Bernie Sanders, Op-Ed, Washington Post, Oct 22, 2015


Anonymous said...

He says that now, but Obama said the same stuff and so did everyone else before him.

It doesn't matter what they say, they're all beholden to the oligarchs.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@2:46 PM - I have a follow-up to you about your remarks, and it's related to institutional power. But I can't get to you right this moment. Stay tuned. I want you to think about something - I promise I'll reply soon.

Anonymous said...


I look forward to your follow up comment to anonymous above because sadly, I feel the same way. I am so disaffected by the lies that nothing really gives me much hope anymore.