Thursday, July 11, 2013

Huff Post Live: What's Wrong With Congress? The Student Loan Debt Crisis Interview

Last night, I was interviewed on Huff Post Live to discuss the student interest rate debacle. My primary goal, however, was to focus on the real issue at hand: the student lending crisis.

If you missed it last night, you can view it here now.

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Also, thanks to Peter Rothberg at The Nation for reposting the video and mentioning my work as an expert on student loan debt!


Anonymous said...


You did a remarkable job in this interview (and look fantastic, may I add!). You said it - I am getting fed up with Congress bringing up tiny pieces of the student loan problem rather than addressing the REAL issue. It is both republicans AND democrats who need to be held accountable for this problem. I really believed that something might change this year but it is just the same old crap! Yes, it is bad that interest rates for subsidized loans for future borrowers are doubling... however, for those of us who have been living with exponentially increasing balances for the last two decades, the issue is quite a bit more urgent. You shouldn't have to go to bed at night feeling like the only way you will ever finally have peace is to take your own life. It is literally a mental prison.

I think another thing that never gets discussed is the de facto debtors prisons that exist in this country. If you default on a loan and are summoned to court... and the sneaky student loan company sends your court summons to the wrong address or a former address so that you won't appear in court, you can literally have a warrant issued for your arrest. I read about this once and didn't believe it so I spoke to an attorney and it is TRUE! Why is this legal?

I'd also like to address the sequester that was discussed in this video. I know they're saying that Congress is "so passed" the sequester... but guess who isn't? Those of us with federal employee spouses who are living with 20% salary deductions IN ADDITION to student loan debt. WE HAVE A FURLOUGH SCARE EVERY 6 MONTHS! Who can live this way?

You did an awesome job. Thanks for all of your hard work. I know it takes a lot of guts to stick your neck out there like that, and we all appreciate you for doing it on our behalves.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dr. Rehr

So the suspenders hold up his pants, and the wires stuck to his his ears are supposed to hold up his head? Or his shirt?