Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Letter to Santa from a Warrior of the Indentured Educated Class

Here's my latest piece at It's my letter to Santa Claus.

All I want for Christmas is a Congressman (or Congresswoman)

Dear Mr. Claus:

For kids who celebrate Christmas and who still believe in you, this time of year is very special. First, they go to some nearby mall and meet a bunch of impersonating Santas. They sit on the laps of the faux Santas and ask for a bunch of things. Now that the times have gotten economically tougher – if not devastating – for many Americans families, a lot of kids are now asking for simple things. Like, 'I want my mommy to have a job,' 'Help us put food on the table,' and 'Don’t let my dad lose his job.' Kids are damned intuitive, aren’t they, Santa? You are certainly a candidate to know the answer to that question.
On Christmas Eve, all these little children – if their families can still afford to splurge on such things – put out special treats for you. Then the little ones dash off to bed and anxiously wait for your arrival. In their dreams, they watch your sleek red sleigh land on their rooftops – if they are lucky enough to still have one over their head – and follow your every move.
Read the rest of my letter here

Norman Rockwell's Santa

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