Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Campaign: Contact Your Congressional Leaders, Ask Them to Solve the Student Lending Crisis

Last Saturday while I was spending time with a fellow activist for the indentured educated class, I had an opportunity to touch base with Nando, author of Third Tier Reality, by phone. We discussed my trip to the Hill with David Hunsicker, and the progress that we have all made as activists on behalf of student loan debtors. The project I recently carried out with Barbara Ehrenreich and others - the Mayors List - also came up.

Nando then suggested, "why don't we provide a list of Congressional contacts to debtors, encourage them to call, and get invovled? They should call and ask their Congressional leaders the following question: 'how are you going to solve the $1 trillion student loan debt problem?"

This idea reminded me of the message we put on flyer that Dave and I came up for our visits to offices on the Hill.

Thanks to Demetrius Pinder, the owner and project manager of Nuts and Bolts Design, we have the entire list of every Represenative and Senator with their phone numbers. Demetrius is a friend, and offered to help out the cause by putting this list together for us. Now it's your job to pick up the phone. Call your congressional leaders and say: "how will YOU solve the student lending crisis? Your constituents are depending upon you."

Here's your chance to get more involved! 

Which one of them has the guts to solve the $1 trillion student lending problem?

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