Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scamblogging Mafia

Awesome! A hearty congratulations to your hard-work getting recognized again. Y'all make me proud. I heart each and everyone of you!!! Here's to collective action at work, comrades. I think Jewel's original piece is solid. However, she is wrong in suggesting that all scambloggers are either underemployed or unemployed. That's just incorrect. Indeed, one of the leading scambloggers has a full-time job! I am accused of the same thing, and also told that I should get over my 'law school' days. Ha! Because . . . as we all know, I went to law school. Sheesh.

In any event, I am damned proud of all of you.

And once the scambloggers are done revealing the feces and vomit smeared all over the law schools' toilets, the commodes will look like this . . . but we have a long way to go . . .  Nando, you're going to need to buy a drill and other heavy tools.


Nando said...

I need a sandblaster to clean up these overpriced commodes. Thanks for the plug, Cryn.

We have affected the debate. Now, some law schools are even trimming their incoming class sizes. There was also an 11.5% drop in the number of law school applicants, in the course of one year. The David Segal NYT piece also helped spread the word.

Recovering Lawyer said...

Wow, I hadn't heard those statistics before. This gives me hope. Cryn, I'm pretty sure you could earn a law degree from one of the fine institutions listed on your home page if you just send them a check for $120K.