Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bullshit comin' your way - straight from a recruiter's mouth

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Bless you Laurie Ruettimann for calling this bullshit. In a recent post, Ms. Ruettimann, blogger of The Cynical Girl, quoted one recruiter who bleated, “You don’t get it. There’s a war for talent out there, Laurie. I cannot find candidates who have [experience, education, savvy]. I can’t find candidates who possess the right kind of cultural fit.”

Ms. Ruettiman blasted back, "Uhm, no. Bullshit."

Brava! Brava! 


Nando said...

I crashed the University of Utah's law school fair, back in October 2009. Those manning a table for their respective law school diploma mill are simply marketing reps and salespeople. What is truly disgusting and sad is that many of them were recent grads. They KNOW the score, and yet they sell their soul - and their ass - so that the school can help capture more paying customers/students. Then again, I suppose they need to pay bills.

Anonymous said...

And there, Nando is the only rule of the game: F*uck them and all consequences before you starve. That is why this coutry is headed for a major crash.