Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Update: Interview with Congressman Ed Towns!

[Note: If you have not donated yet to the "Enough is Enough" campaign, please chip in $5-$10 today! I have sent off my forms to create a bank account for Education Matters. Once that is in place, I will be filling out the forms to turn us into a 501(c)(4). You can click on the "PayPal" button on the upper-left hand side of this page]. 

Thanks to a recently elected Board Member, Ms. Anna Schaefer, I will be setting up an interview with Congressman Edolphus 'Ed' Towns (10th Congressional District of New York). Anna appealed to Congressman Towns through Facebook. Here's what she wrote on August 30th:

Re: Please pass the College Debt Swap Act 2010.

Dear Congressman Towns:

We need you to help us to help the economy. This is our only hope to get back on our feet! We need help! Private loans have no consumer protections at all. Everything is in their favor. These lenders will do nothing to help us. It is in the hands of the Government, and the only avenue we have to be heard. Hear our pleas, help us so we can get our spending power back. We want to buy a house, but with these outrageous terms and the hold these private lenders have on us, that will never be possible. This is not a bailout we are asking for. We want our consumer rights back. Without consumer rights, how can we help the economy? 

Congressman Towns responded to Anna, writing:


I too want to help the economy, when we passed the Health Reform Bill there was little fan fair given to the education piece of the bill which allows students to borrow directly from the federal government to receive funding for college. As you know I am a co-sponsor of this legislation and when congress returns I will do my best to bring this issue to the attention of my colleagues. 

My next task is to get in touch with the sponsor of this Bill, Marcia Fudge (D-OH11), as well as the other co-sponsors. Finally, I look forward to interviewing Ed Towns. Stay tuned!

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