Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SponsorChange.org's new campaign, "The Big Pay Back!" Are you involved with it yet?

It's an honor and a privilege to be SponsorChange.org's new Online Brand Advocate. In this new role, I have been able to also be a co-writer on the press release for their exciting new campaign called "The Big Pay Back." I hope all of you get involved, so that you can bring SponsorChange.org to your neighborhood. Here are the details:

Obtaining a college degree is one of the most important investments a person can make. Without a degree it is very difficult to compete in the job market. Indeed, an individual without a degree knows how difficult it is to compete, especially in today’s market. However, the recent economic downturn has affected millions of graduates. Many of them cannot find gainful employment, and as a result they are left with shattered expectations and, far worse, the devastating burden of student loan debt. Instead of the hope of finding a new home to start a family, individuals are frantically searching for a second job. These financial challenges mean that these individuals are retreating from things that matter most: community involvement and family time. They are torn away from all types of social activities, something that does not help their sense of self-worth.

As a young person, who has gone to college and has struggled with student loan debt, SponsorChange.org’s Co-Founder and CEO Raymar Hampshire knows firsthand the way in which student loan debt can cripple one’s aspirations and life goals. Our team also knows why it is important to pay off student loan debt through service. Not only are we enabling people to lift the burden of being a helpless student debtor, we’re also providing individuals with a sense of purpose. In this way, student debtors are able to empower themselves, while working in the community as a volunteer. Also our team knows how alleviating student loan debt through service can empower individuals to pursue what’s most important to them. 

Over the past year, we have read thousands of your emails and listened to hundreds of your calls on the challenges of managing student loan debt and how SponsorChange.org is desperately needed in your city. Government alone will not be able to solve this problem, and we should not expect it to. Change must begin with you, with me, with us. That’s why we are launching this next major initiative – SponsorChange.org’s The Big Pay Back - and bringing our vision of service to your neighborhood.  This is a volunteer position and our goal is for city team leaders to work in groups of 3-5. What's really nice is that teams can agree to low, mild, and/or high levels of engagement for the Big Pay Back National Awareness Campaign.  

The following are ways that volunteer city team leaders can participate in the SponsorChange.org’s “Big Payback”!

Low Engagement

Place a SponsorChange.org badge on your website/blog linking to SponsorChange.org website.
Reach out to people and have them sign-up to SponsorChange.org social media sites.

Mild Engagement 

Agree to raise money to print SponsorChange.org branded t-shirts.
Identify a local Point of Contact (POC) who can be available to help identify speakers for local SponsorChange.org events.

High Engagement

Formally agree to host the following activities over the course of a year:

a. Hold at least 2 local activities to support the national awareness of student loan debt and the SponsorChange.org movement in local cities and towns, i.e., have a informational lunch, host a happy hour, organize a service a project, organize a panel discussion, etc. - these activities are all geared to help people learn about what SponsorChange.org can do to help you and your community.

b. Sponsor at least one SponsorChange.org fundraiser (This will be used to sponsor a future service project in your city).

By hosting local events in your community, leadership teams will agree to do the following:

1. Share participant lists with SponsorChange.org Headquarters (hq@sponsorchange.org).
2. Provide a summary of the event and ideas to SponsorChange.org’s Headquarters.
3. Be the spokespeople for SponsorChange.org’s Big Pay Back campaign in print, television and other media oulets.

In return, SponsorChange.org will provide you with the following:

1. Recognize your city's activities in the Philanthroteer.
2. Provide agenda templates for events.
3. List your event on SponsorChange.org.
4. Provide you with a video from the Co-Founder and CEO, thanking participants for joining the event.

As a result of your leadership, future opportunities will be available for your contribution to be recognized. This list is only a beginning. The team at SponsorChange.org is interested in any creative or innovative ways team leaders in your city can join with us and come together as we never have, to serve millions of young leaders who are crippled by student loan debt.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer city leader, email your cover letter and resume to info@sponsorchange.org, subject line " Team Leader" and "City."

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