Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick find - great blog!

I just discovered this great blog. It's called "Ivy Leagued and Unemployed," and it's here. My favorite thing so far about Yelena's blog (she's the creator)? The "Hire my friend" posts - brilliant. I am glad I stumbled upon this blog, and wanted to send a shout out to Yelena for responding so quickly to my email. If you're from the Ivies, check it out ASAP!

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Jill Herendeen said...

I'm stuck in upstate NY, with several kids to educate, and am disturbed that the local school seems to be entirely about a) sports b) power for the administrators and c) running the schools like concentration camps. Unfortunately, the local private schools are sectarian, and NY's rules for charter schools are such that they're not going to be substantially different from the public schools. Fortunately, NY's rules for starting a PRIVATE school are EXTREMELY few: a board of directors which meets at prescribed intervals; a school motto; a bldg approved by the local fire dept.; 6 fire drills a year; daily attendance records; and allowing about 4 months for the state Board of Ed. to approve the proffered plan. the hard part, as I see it, is getting some teachers who don't feel a need to get paid much, money to teach them, and teaching materials. (There are probably LOTS of kids around here who would like a secular, private education; they just have no money. It's an extremely depressed area.) Practical suggestions, anyone?