Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iowa Student Loan Scandal

Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp. was up to no good. After being investigated by a Federal Agency, it turns out that they were involved in the act of kickbacks, bribes, "cash inducements," whatever term one likes to use to describe swindling, and now the Department of Education is seeking $15 million from them.

If they retrieve that money, perhaps they could think about using it to help students struggling to pay back their student loan debt?

Another "shocking" part of this situation. Iowa Student Loan claims they did nothing wrong. Again, why is this story not being covered by major news outlets? Oh, yeah, I forgot . . . there's no sex involved and it's not David Letterman.

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Aimee Powell said...

Nor is there a littler of children resulting from irresponsible use of fertility treatments...