Monday, September 21, 2009

Spread the News! House Judiciary Subcommittee is holding a hearing on Wednesday, September 23

It is called, an Undue Hardship? Discharging Educational Debt in Bankruptcy. Spread the news!


Delver said...

Cryn...Great find!!! Will you be attending? You can bet the student loan lobby will be well represented.

I've sent emails to several people, and will also email the committee members.

Thank You!!

Delver said...

I just spoke with the Committee office and they said to fax letters to Congressman Steve Cohen, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.
FAX 202-225-7680.

It is a closed hearing, with no witnesses.

Nicole Mayer said...

Update on what I found out about the hearing by speaking with the sub committee today-

Hearing is open to everyone, including the press. It is in Room 2141 at 1:00 at the adderess listed on the website. The list of witnesses will be posted 24 hours in advance-so tomorrow at 1:00.
It's too late to be a witness and I'm not sure how they were picked. There will be a webcast of the hearing online.

Congressman Steve Cohen (from Tennessee) will preside over the hearing.

I found out that the hearing is taking place upon the initiative of the Institute for College Access and Success. Lauren Asher is the president there.

The focus is on private student loans. Due to the nature of this sub committee, the focus is bankruptcy.

Nicole Mayer said...

If anyone recorded the hearing can you please post a link? There were too many people viewing it for me to connect. I'm happy that so many people watched!

If we can't find it sooner, the hearing should be viewable on the same website within 48 hours.