Thursday, August 6, 2009

Local News/Quick Post - "Revamped Curriculums Come to D.C. Public Schools"

Chancellor Michelle Rhee recently announced that new specialty programs
ranging from the sciences and technology to arts and culture will be implemented in 13 of 120 D.C. Public Schools.

A competition - called the D.C. Catalyst Project - was held among the schools. Each school was free to submit an application. Various members from the community (parents, leaders, etc.) had to be a part of the process. They joined up with school administrators to compete for the prize, and were asked to submit a proposal that was thematically related to reconfiguration plans.

It's a smart way to entice families (the ones who have the luxury of choosing) to consider public school as an alternative in the District.

As everyone who lives in the District knows, DCPS faces tremendous competition - there are many first-class k-12 institutions effecting their enrollment figures. Education Matters will certainly follow the new program, and hopes that it's a success.

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